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Respect for Nature, Respect for the Future...

As Milat CAM Limited Company . We, all together with our managers, employees and suppliers, are determined to do our best in order to protect nature and what is natural.

Being Respectful to the Environment

  • To carry out studies to prevent the pollution of natural resources,
  • To prevent environmental pollution and to continuously improve the environmental management system,

Conscious Staff

  • To provide the necessary training and to take the necessary precautions by seeing the results and effectiveness of these trainings in practice, in order to ensure that all our employees are conscious of the protection and improvement of the environment,

The Importance of Recycling

  • To ensure the recycling and recovery of wastes with an effective waste management,
  • To reduce energy and natural resource consumption,

The Follow of the Legislations

  • To comply with applicable environmental legislation and other requirements.
  • To follow the changes in the legislation.
Milatcam - Gümüşhane

Milatcam has been at the service of our country since 1992 in many fields from pvc products to glass balconies, from laminate flooring to door types.

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