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PVC Systems

We produce solutions for all your PVC needs with the assurance of FıratPEN.

PVC Door Systems / General Features

  • Pvc Door Systems can be used in places that open to external environments such as balcony doors, as well as in indoor environments such as bathroom and WC doors.
  • In PVC Door Systems, as in PVC Window Systems, profiles that provide superior performance in wind load resistance, air and water tightness tests should be selected and the PVC System suitable for the project should be used.
  • PVC doors are used in all living spaces such as workplaces, residences and offices.
  • PVC Door Systems are generally used as balcony doors, bathroom and WC doors.
  • PVC Doors, which are easier to maintain and clean than wooden doors, are also safe against theft with their resistance to impact, which has been developed recently. At the same time, costs are lower than wooden and steel doors.
  • PVC Doors are very advantageous from the point of thermal insulation. 20 mm - 24 mm - 32 mm glass applications can be applied to PVC door systems, and thermal insulation can be increased by using sandwich panels as well.
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Milatcam has been at the service of our country since 1992 in many fields from pvc products to glass balconies, from laminate flooring to door types.

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